Back Windshield and Side Window Replacement in Tucson, AZ

How Does Max Auto Replace Back & Side Windows?

Replacing the back and side windows of your vehicle requires technicians that have the skills and experience to do it safely. Plus, it’s necessary to have the premium parts and products on hand to ensure the job is done right. You can get all of this and more at Max Auto Glass. 

When we perform a back or side window replacement, we’ll typically begin with the following actions:

  • Damage assessment: Depending on the size of the damage, we may be able to safely fill in cracks or chips in the glass. If this can’t be performed, we’ll recommend a replacement. 
  • Start preparing the area: The vehicle’s door panel and surrounding components will need to be removed so that our technicians can gain full access to the glass.
  • Thoroughly clean: This may seem simple, but if the area isn’t cleaned extremely well, you may experience issues with the replacement. Not to mention shards of glass or other debris can enter the vehicle. Our technicians will vacuum all of the loose glass and clean the area well before proceeding with replacement.
  • Replace the side or rear window: Using a few high-tech tools, our technicians can install a brand new side or rear window in the vehicle. 
  • Test the window: Once the window has been installed, we’ll test the functionality and integrity of the new auto glass.
  • Leave your windows spotless: We’ll clean the glass a final time to make sure it’s spotless. 

At Max Auto, safe replacements that meet the strictest industry standards is whatbroken car back window we provide day in and day out. You can be confident that your car window replacement service is going to be performed by skilled professionals who hold advanced credentials, specifically in safe car window replacement. 

What To Expect During Your Car Window Replacement

While every car window replacement service is a little different, our technicians follow a full checklist of required actions to make sure the service is completed to the highest standards. When we perform a mobile auto glass replacement, our technicians strive to arrive onsite in 24 hours or less to deliver safe, effective results. 

When it comes to providing a quality replacement service experience, our team promises to deliver the following:

  1. Certified Technicians: Our technicians are certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC), as well as Dow Corporation. These two certifications are the gold standard for auto glass repair and replacement and are basically the equivalent of a master’s degree for an auto glass technician.
  2. We’ll Come To You: At Max Auto, mobile auto glass repair and replacement is in our DNA. We’ll come to wherever you are located in Tucson and provide safe and effective service for your vehicle. Bonus alert, our mobile glass repair and replacement services in Tucson and the surrounding areas are completely free of charge. Call 520-498-1234 or use our contact form to go ahead and get a mobile service scheduled. 
  3. Fast Car Window Repairs: We strive to be onsite within 24 hours or less to have your repair completed. Our skilled technicians are equipped using the best tools and products available, so we can finish the repair quickly and conscientiously. Most window replacements and repairs can be completed in an hour or less.

Our car window repair and replacement was designed to be as easy and stress free as possible. We make sure the side or rear window service you receive from Max Auto contributes to your vehicle driving away stronger and safer than before. 

Car Window Repair & Replacement FAQ

How Much Does It Cost for a Car Side Window Replacement?

The cost of a car side window replacement may vary. The final cost of a replacement side window will depend on several factors such as the make, model, and year of the vehicle, the size of the replacement window, and whether your insurance covers the procedure. At Max Auto, we believe in fair and transparent pricing, so we can let you know right up front what needs to be done and how much it will cost. Fill out our contact form to get a fast, free quote for your side or rear window replacement.

How Long Does a Car Window Repair Take?

With our mobile auto glass repair service, we strive to be onsite with your vehicle in 24 hours or less. Once we arrive, we’ll assess the damage to see if the auto glass can be safely repaired, or if full replacement is warranted. In most cases, our certified technicians can complete a windshield repair in 30 minutes or less and a full window replacement can take about an hour. We know you probably have more important things on your list today, so we offer free mobile window replacement service in Tucson and surrounding areas.

Is Car Window Replacement Covered by Auto Insurance?

Car window replacement is typically covered by most major car insurance plans, but it varies depending on your carrier, your location, and the extent of coverage available. In some cases, you won’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket for your service. We can help you walk through the claims process with your insurance company to see if your coverage applies and if so, we can proceed with the claim.

Can You Fix a Crack in a Car’s Back Windshield?

When it comes to repairing versus replacing your car windows, our AGSC-certified technicians have the skills and experience to assess the issue and recommend a safe plan of action. When determining if a repair to your car’s back windshield can be safely provided, our techs are looking at factors like the size of the damage, where the damage occurred, and how deep the damage appears in the glass. When it’s safe to do so, we can expertly repair back and side car windows with small cracks. If a replacement is needed, we carry a full line of high-quality car windows from today’s top manufacturers.

What Kind of Car Window Repairs Does Max Auto Provide?

If the damaged area on your back or side window is smaller than a few inches, there’s a good chance we can repair it. The first step in a safe car window repair is to assess the extent of the damage. A small crack that develops into something larger and encroaches on a driver’s line of sight could be devastating, while the vehicle is underway. Our AGSC-certified technicians can assess cracks and chips to see if a repair can be safely performed. After we repair a small crack or chip, our technicians will clean and treat the damaged area with advanced tools and strong resins.

Does Max Auto Come To My Location for a Car Window Repair?

Absolutely. At Max Auto, mobile car window repair is what we do best. Our technicians will arrive onsite in 24 hours or less and repair or replacement can typically be completed in under an hour. Depending on the service provided, your vehicle may need to wait to be driven for an hour or so after the job is complete. Our technician will cover the entire process with you, while they’re there. To request a mobile car window repair in Tucson, call us at 520-498-1234 or fill out our handy online contact form.

Can You Finance a Car Window Replacement?

With Max Auto, we understand that a car window replacement can come out of nowhere and you might need other options to help pay for it. That’s why we make it super easy to get financing through the Max Auto / BRAKEmax VIP CFNA credit card. With this credit card, you’ll enjoy no annual fees and low monthly payments. Just fill out a quick online application to get started.

What Types of Vehicles Does Max Auto Provide Car Window Replacements For?

Max Auto provides car window replacements for an incredible array of different vehicles, makes, models, and years. In order to be Dow or AGSC-certified for auto glass repairs, our technicians have to pass an exhaustive training program that makes sure they know how to safely repair and replace windows for a wide variety of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and other vehicles.

Where Can You Get Coupons for a Car Window Repair in Tucson?

Here at Max Auto Glass, we offer a variety of coupons that can help you save! We have a whole page on our site devoted to promotions, so that our customers can always find a good deal on their next car window replacement or repair service. Another way to help make car window repair more affordable is to apply for the Max Auto Glass credit card we offer through BRAKEmax and CFNA.

Does Max Auto Glass Use Generic Back Windshields?

At Max Auto, we use what’s known as “dealer windshields,” which are only made by well-respected OEMs like PGW, Pilkington, Carlite, Mopar, Fuyao, Saint Gobain, and AGC. Using a generic glass in your car’s windows may be cheaper up front, but it can be extremely dangerous if a failure were to occur. Your auto glass is a critical safety component in your vehicle, which is why replacements should always be performed by a certified professional using nothing but the best parts and products available.

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