Windshield Repair Tucson – Minimizing your costs

by Jeffry Gardner, Max Auto Glass and BRAKEmax Car Care Centers

We’ve all had them – little ‘dings’ and chips in our auto glass that we don’t pay attention to until it spreads. But there are several reasons why you may want to act before that happens to save you money, time, and possibly more.

Types of chip damage.  Click to enlarge.But it’s such a small imperfection – why do I need to repair it?
There are a number of reasons why you want to nip this problem in the bud. First and foremost, a chip in your windshield can and will spread. An imperfection that would be otherwise repairable can, at any moment, spread to a point where the windshield cannot be repaired. Further, since your windshield accounts for up to 35% of the structural integrity of your car, anything that can weaken that pillar can have catastrophic results.

Do I have time to get it repaired?
Actually, you probably do – glass repair in most cases only takes a couple of minutes. With 12 BRAKEmax locations in town, it’s pretty easy to schedule. Best of all, most insurance plans will cover the entire cost of repairing the damage!

Okay, I see that it’s quick and most likely free. But what should I do in the meantime?
Excessive temperatures can cause damage to spreadIn the meantime, here are some tips to minimize the damage:
• Schedule your appointment with our Tucson Auto Glass professionals as soon as possible. The sooner a crack or chip is attended to, the more likely a successful repair.
• Make sure the crack or chip does not interfere with your visibility while driving.
• Gently place a small piece of clear tape over the outside point of damage. This will help to prevent water and dirt from entering the crack and making it even worse.
• Find that shady spot! Finding a parking spot in the shade is doubly important when you have windshield damage. Heat further weakens the material.
• Don’t try to ‘Do It Yourself’. DIY kits do not come with warranties and are insufficient to properly repair a piece of equipment that is so vital to your safety.
• Avoid things which increase the air pressure inside the vehicle, like slamming doors or leaving the windows all the way up when parked. Increased air pressure may lead to increased glass damage.

Handling your windshield damage in Tucson will be much cheaper and more effective if handled professionally and quickly.