8 Signs It’s Time for a Power Window Repair in Tucson

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Power windows were considered a luxury addition to cars when they were introduced in the 1940s. But today, most vehicles include power windows as a standard item, and they are no longer considered a luxury.

This is especially true after the past few years as we navigated living through a pandemic. We ordered and picked up food from our vehicles, we used ATMs to deposit and receive money from our bank accounts, and we were even tested for a contagious disease from our cars. Today, if that power window suddenly malfunctions, the consequences can be more serious than not getting a little fresh air in the car.

The key, then, is to know the red flags before the window malfunctions. Here are eight signs it’s time to make an appointment at Max Auto Glass in Tucson to deal with auto window repair issues before things get worse.

Top 8 Signs Your Vehicle’s Power Windows Need to Be Checked

Here are a few of the most common red flags that your vehicle’s window motor and regulator assembly may need to be repaired or replaced before it causes more damage:

1. The Window Moves More Slowly Than Normal

This can be an early warning sign of a window motor problem. Or there might be an electrical problem within the regulator assembly. Power windows are set to a specific speed to keep the glass from breaking as it goes up and down. It’s also frustrating for the driver or passengers to deal with a slow-moving window. As the window motor wears out, the window follows suit by moving more slowly.

Or our mechanic might recommend a window motor replacement. In either case, you won’t know how serious the issue is unless you take the car into Max Auto Glass and have it diagnosed.

2. It Takes Multiple Presses of the Button for the Window to Move

You press the button that operates the window, and it’s supposed to respond. But what if you have to press it several times? The window motor may be wearing out or the switch might be the problem. In some cases, there can simply be a little piece of debris trapped under the switch. Don’t assume the worst!

Our ASE-certified power window repair technicians can determine what the problem is and can recommend the proper auto window repair. They will also provide an estimate of the cost and answer all of your questions.

3. The Power Window Slips Down or Is Crooked

Power windows are designed to lock into place by the window regulator assembly. A window slipping or falling down by itself is not only startling, but it can also be dangerous. The same is true if the window is crooked, with one side falling down as it is operated. In most cases, the window motor and regulator will need to be replaced when this happens, since they are both part of the same assembly.

4. You Hear Clicking Inside the Door When the Window Is Operated

You push the power window button to lower your window, and you hear a clicking sound as it operates. This can be caused by something as simple as a piece of debris trapped between the window motor assembly and the window. Don’t ignore it, though, because the motor and regulator will have to work harder to operate the window. The result over time is a window falling off its rails inside the door. If left that way, the window glass can break, or the entire assembly can wear itself out sooner than necessary.

5. There Is No Response When the Power Window Switch Is Pressed

This could be several things. Check the fuses first. That’s an easy fix and may resolve the problem quickly. If the fuses are good, have our power window technician check the window motor. The voltage may not be accurate, or the motor may be faulty. A third possibility is the wiring. As mentioned before, you have no way of knowing which of these is the cause, so let us check it for you.

6. The Window Gets Jammed

Don’t wait until the next rainstorm to have this checked. At the first hesitation of the window going up or down, get the car in for a diagnostic check of the power windows. If the window gets jammed, that means the switch and the window motor worked for part of the time and then stopped. The problem might involve the regulator or the geared arm that raises and lowers the glass. Our technician will remove the door cover and check for damage to the gear and to see if the glass is still in its bracket.

7. Nothing Happens When a Passenger Attempts to Open or Close a Window

The child safety switch is easy to overlook. Look near the driver’s window control panel. There’s a lockout button that prevents passengers from operating a power window while the car is moving. It’s there primarily to keep children safely in the car, but it’s often activated by mistake. So look for a button with a window symbol that’s been crossed out. Simply press the button to disengage the lockout. If that doesn’t work, you will need to have the power windows checked.

8. The Glass is Damaged

If the glass in any of the vehicle windows is cracked, dinged, or damaged in any way, it needs to be replaced. A small crack or pit can spread quickly, so don’t take chances with your safety.

Providing The Best Power Auto Window Repair Is Our Goal

Power windows are more than a convenience today. Drivers spend a lot of time in their cars carrying out tasks previously done inside businesses. If a car’s power windows don’t work properly, the inconvenience and risk can be huge.

Repairing power windows requires a professional. Call Max Auto Glass in Tucson for professional auto window repair today!

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