Auto Glass Calibration: How It Ensures Precision and Safety For Drivers

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The wide-ranging category of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) includes various cutting-edge safety features — all of which use sensors and cameras. If these sensors get knocked out of calibration, however, your vehicle’s ADAS features won’t be able to function correctly.

But there’s no need to worry if one or more of your ADAS sensors are on the fritz — trained auto glass professionals can quickly get these sensors working again. Here’s a closer look at how auto glass calibration works and why this process is so important.

ADAS 101

If your vehicle was manufactured in the recent past, it has a number of advantages over older cars. One of the most noteworthy benefits modern vehicles offer is high-tech safety features. Some standard features on today’s cars include lane-keep assist, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and traffic jam assist. All these features are considered ADAS.

Though many different ADAS features are available in modern vehicles, they all work by collecting information from sensors in your car and using it to protect you and your passengers. When your vehicle has multiple ADAS features, it reduces your risk of being involved in a crash.

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Why You Need Auto Glass Calibration

Naturally, ADAS features can only provide the protection you’d expect when they’re working properly. And since all these capabilities are built around sensor input, any issues with your vehicle’s sensors can seriously impede your ADAS. That’s true even if the sensors in your car aren’t flat-out malfunctioning — if a sensor is even slightly misaligned, your ADAS features will be unable to function correctly.

Today’s vehicles include all kinds of ADAS sensors in all sorts of spots. But one auto component plays an especially important role in regards to ADAS sensors: your vehicle’s windshield. Many radars, cameras, and sensors used in ADAS are installed on or near the windshield. If your car’s safety features run into trouble, there’s a good chance you’ll need to visit an auto glass shop to set things right.

How To Know When It’s Time for Auto Glass Calibration

In some cases, it’s easy to tell when your ADAS needs attention. But that’s not always the case. If any of the situations described below sound familiar, contact us for an appointment for auto glass calibration ASAP:

  • Active ADAS warning lights: When an ADAS light starts blinking or stays on for an extended period, something has almost certainly gone wrong with your safety features. Plan to get a professional ADAS inspection whenever one of these lights activates.
  • Involvement in a collision: It should be unsurprising to hear that a major crash is enough to throw your ADAS sensors out of whack. But minor incidents can also cause trouble for these sensors — and that even includes something as mundane as hitting a curb.
  • Windshield damage or replacement: Because your windshield is home to so many ADAS sensors, damage to this glass will likely affect their calibration. That’s true whether or not the damage calls for windshield repair or replacement.
  • Getting new tires: When you have your tires replaced, it can alter the height of your vehicle, which can prevent your ADAS sensors from functioning normally.

How Windshield Calibration Works

When your vehicle’s ADAS sensors aren’t working correctly, you must get them recalibrated immediately to ensure your safety. However, most drivers don’t truly know how this process works. Though you’ll never need to do this work on your own, it’s still worth reading up on what ADAS calibration involves.

There are two primary types of auto glass calibration: static and dynamic calibration. Read on to learn how both these methods work.

Static ADAS Calibration

Most cars start their windshield calibration process with static ADAS calibration. As its name suggests, this process involves keeping a vehicle in one place while a knowledgeable mechanic calibrates its ADAS sensors.

Static auto glass calibration must be performed in a controlled environment to ensure that it goes off without a hitch. The area where mechanics undertake this work must have:

  • A totally level floor
  • Fully adjustable lighting
  • A complete lack of obstructions around the car
  • Neutral, uniform floors and walls
  • No reflective surfaces, windshield reflections, or direct sunlight
  • Open space of at least 30’ x 50’

Dynamic ADAS Calibration

Dynamic auto glass calibration also intends to bring your ADAS sensors back into alignment, though it works in an entirely different way. In this process, one or several mechanics hook your vehicle up to an ADAS scan tool and drive it in predetermined conditions and at set speeds.

For some vehicles, dynamic calibration is the only step needed to recalibrate the auto safety sensors. In other cars, dynamic calibration acts as the final step in the calibration process after the mechanic has completed the static calibration.

How To Find a Trustworthy Auto Glass Shop

When choosing a Tucson, AZ, auto glass repair shop to handle your ADAS calibration, make sure that it offers:

  • Skilled mechanics: Successful ADAS calibration relies on precise workmanship and close attention to detail. That means that the work must be done by top-notch mechanics. If your shop’s technicians are Dow-certified and Auto Glass Safety Council-certified, they’ll be able to deliver the exceptional service you’re looking for.
  • Money-saving opportunities: By its nature, ADAS calibration work is hard to predict. If you suddenly find yourself in need of this service, you’ll also have to contend with unexpected expenses. High-quality auto glass shops offer financing options and promotions to make this easier for their customers.
  • A variety of services: Chances are, windshield calibration isn’t the only auto glass-related service you’ll need during the time you own the car. Because of that, it’s wise to look for an auto glass shop that can also offer services like windshield repair and side/back glass replacement.

To get all these perks and more, choose Max Auto Glass the next time you need auto glass calibration. We’re Tucson’s number-one auto glass shop, and we’re capable of delivering top-notch auto glass work at any BRAKEmax Tire & Service Centers shop.

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